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Doctor Who Lockdown

Halloween 2020

Dagger Diplomacy


This is the official website of Sonia Leong, UK-based professional artist, illustrator and author specialising in anime / manga styles.

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As I'm in the UK, most events have been cancelled or postponed. Please stay safe, stay home where possible, keep your distance and wear a mask when around others outside of your household/bubbles!

Even though you can't meet me at an event right now, you can still enjoy my works by buying online directly from me (I will sign them and throw in freebies before I post them! Always try to buy direct or small/local as much more of your money reaches us this way) or support me on Ko-fi (think of it as buying me a coffee or treat!) or Patreon (I also do monthly Zoom meets, so it's still a way you get to chat to me AND get art goodies too)!


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