Sonia Leong, Manga Artist,

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finished works: (new ~ old)

Lucky Rua Silas Water Ox Year Dagger Diplomacy Halloween 2020 Doctor Who Lockdown Scenes of Scarlet Outfoxed Sonia-verse! Rua and Silas as popstars Fairy Queen ESPer Bounty Hunter Magical Girl Office Duo Seraphim Pop Idol Warrior and Serpent Princess Knight Thirteenth Doctor Clara Idris Silas and Patisserie Silas and Rua as Beauty and the Beast A Spell Of Scarlet cover art Toyota GT86 Promo art Project Autumn Orion Assassin's Creed: Edward Kenway Assassin's Creed: Edward Kenway Silas with Cat Rua with Cat Fire Silas Silas Chibi Wonderland 2015 Xmas Special Rua Chibi Maiko Geisha Aftermath 2 Dual Assault Rua with blood and blades Fujofujo Halloween Silas in Forest Chinese girl with Goat Arafel chibi Rua in Forest Chanel Marc Jacobs Self Portrait Silas L'Heritier Ruaidhri'Ogan Portrait of a Musician The Queen's Champion Chrysanthemum First Kiss Prom Couple Arafel Empress Colours of Magic Terra Let's Rock Brush With Magic 1 cover image Ciel, Goddess of Light Silas the Mage Lace Shorts Flower Fairy Tribute to Moebius Tulips The FujoFujo Girls Aya Takeo 3 Cambi with Bicycle Love Stuffing Valentine Professor Layton Water Dragon Painting Nema-Chan Xmas 2011 Cambi CamCon Mascot Gaia Headphones Aya Takeo 2 Nude sketch Jade Rabbit AyaChan 2011 medley Manga Ent Hi Sushi Aphrodite Love Stuffing Princess Chibi Demon Chibi Angel Chibi Love Stuffing chibis Locked Xmas 2010 Robber Girl Ryu Fairy Lolita Mermaid Briony Aiburn Shantotto Libera Me Gaia avi Gaia avi Gaia avi 1000 Ideas by 100 Manga Artists Michael Daemon Sadi Tsuru no Ongaeshi Gaia avi Gaia avi Gaia avi Gaia avi Gaia avi Gaia avi gaia xmas08 Street Fighter IV Happy Halloween! Love Stuffing Princess Prince Beauty in Mono Beauty in Black Beauty in White Alexis & Briony OUAT cover poster OUAT rear cover image Visual Kei Sweet Angel Gothic Devil Fairytale Rainbows Killer Schoolgirl Xmas 2007 Satan's Amazon Dark Elf Pixie Miko Angel Briony & Sueto-chan Disgaea: Etna Love High kick Romeo & Juliet Group shot Romeo & Juliet New self portrait! Sinner/dancer character Yanagi, ninja lady Group picture of the i-Team Tribal elves Catgirl maid Romance marker pic Action girl kicking Clockwork Fairy Cyborg Butterfly

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