original anime manga comics illustrations character design
by sonia leong - professional artist & illustrator

This section contains supporting images to projects, older works, unfinished pictures and sketches. Please return to my illustrations section to view my best presentation pieces. Alternatively, for my sequential art / comic pages, please visit the comics section.

Media Students Gaia avi Gaia avi banner art Geisha Sporty Mecha Pilot Killer Queen Martial Artist Aya Takeo - Aya Aya Takeo - Takeo Aya Takeo - Jigumo Kimono & Umbrella Sweet Lolita Design Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro Romeo & Juliet intro FANART: Serenity/Firefly characters ONCE UPON A TIME: girls Cute little witch Medusa lineart FANART: Serenity/Firefly characters Sweet little girl and a skipping rope Fantasy knight and winged unicorn Bouncer: Subdermal Kevlar Cryptomancer attack on Bioengineer: Worm Sinner: Airswipe Bouncer: Gladiator Frame Bouncer: Shock fist Sinner: Vamps Proposed cover art for card game Girls by the pool lineart female lineart male Catgirl Waitress Alice and Latisha marker pic Briony & Mercedes marker pic Manga black & white portrait Camo soldier and gun Chinese Dancer Fantasy warrior with Glass sword Angel Princess Little devil girl Bori, fiery space captain Jake, laid-back crew member Pixie, genius mechanic and her faithful mecha pet Yuri, wise wizard Badge bookmarks Merceces watercolour Briony colour pencil Chinese musician with pipa Yukino, brandishes sword Yukino in Chinese outfit and gun Yukino on the beach Yukino as a mecha pilot Spellcasta sorceress Alternative Child Boy Clothes Figures Drawing the Head Teengirl Latisha, OUAT 3 front cover Thams waterfront scene, CG Marker space girl Microchip fairies Brittany May Brittany May Sweatdrop characters inked portrait Tea Time Cover Mercedes marker pic OUAT bookmarks of Briony, marker pics Mercedes OUAT 2 watercolour Christmas angel, marker pic Yanagi, ninja lady prototype Mermaid Aya-chan Leather & lace Marker pic CG of Briony Marker avatar pics Schoolgirl assassin Marker avatar pics Pencil drawing of werewolf Sci fi pop art space scene Briony, OUAT 1 front cover Briony black & white splash image Briony, soft CG Israfel, angel watercolour Mercedes OUAT pen & tone Chinese style dragon wolf front view portrait wolf snarling ink Wolf and cubs hunting Geneva Fox Dog Cat Pixie Cute girl! Bikini girl Barmaid Female face Sweet Lolita marker pic Elf Marker sketch Fanart of Rei, Evangelion Fanart of Rei, Evangelion Fantasy sorceress

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